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Magazine Article

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Nottingham & the UK

Natural Timber Floors Ltd supply and fit parquet flooring to both residentail and commercial customers throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Parquet flooring is not forced grown timber and benefits from more character than standard wooden floorings, also providing more colour variation.

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When parquet flooring has been laid for countless years the parquet blocks can suffer from different degrees of wear (softwood rather than hardwood). For example, in a church the parquet blocks in the aisles may have had great amounts of footfall and the parquet blocks under the pews, scarcely any. When this parquet flooring is reclaimed and lifted, parquet block thicknesses may differ at times by several millimetres. This doesn’t present a problem, as the parquet blocks can be laid and the disparity in wear removed in the sanding process.

Old reclaimed parquet flooring, when lifted will have bitumen underneath as it was stuck down using hot tar. We try to acquire reclaimed parquet flooring which is reasonably smooth on the underside of the parquet block.

The other cleaning needed is to the sides and the edges of the parquet block. Fragments of polish and dirt work their way into the gaps over large numbers of years and stick to the edges. So, in order to get a tight fit these parquet blocks need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Flooring To Suit Both Domestic And Commercial Needs

When we procure reclaimed parquet flooring we make sure the parquet blocks are all the same size. Most floors were, in the past, laid herringbone style with a border tile around the edge, which can sometimes be a dissimilar size parquet block to those in the chief part of the floor. As you can well imagine this is dreadful when lifting floors when reclaimed parquet blocks can easily get intermingled.

We have sold huge amounts of reclaimed parquet flooring over the years and there is no doubt that the floors we have installed look fantastic when they are returned to their former glory. The character, the colours and the indentations of its past life cannot be re-created using parquet blocks formed from new timber. If you are interested in purchasing reclaimed parquet flooring or any reclaimed flooring give us a call for our latest stocks and prices.

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